A Computer Running Slow Problem Is Sometimes Caused By Unneeded Programs That Use Up RAM

A Computer Running Slow Problem Is Sometimes Caused By Unneeded Programs That Use Up RAM

It’s very tough to meet important deadlines if our personal computer could not keep up with our chaotic work schedule. And our awareness has increased today with more home-based businesses or just higher demands for our home computers. Plus it’s really trying when they’re so slow they almost crash each time we apply some resource demanding programs requiring a lot of memory or RAM.

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There can be many causes for your computer running slow problem. And it’s in distinguishing these causes that we may find effective solutions – even the uncomplicated repairs that we can perform on our own. Of course not having to spend money is very important to us all.
Even the brand new personal computer can be performing below normal, especially if the supplier of your PC installed before you received it some unneeded applications before purchase. What you may want to try is to start up your computer and see the notification part of the lower task-bar (usually seen at the lower right part of the monitor where the clock and date are, depending on where you put your desktop task-bar). There are probably some icons hidden in the task-bar that actually runs in the background while you are doing your work. This means that it could gobble up much of the free storage capacity from your computer, making it perform much slower when various programs are being used.

To be completely positive, click right on the task-bar and then select “task manager” and the Task Manager will pop-up. You can also get into this by pressing the shortcut “control-alt-delete” when the computer is running but be careful and just press the shortcut key just once or your computer will reboot. Now you should be able to see how many programs operate in the background (this includes the quantity of memory storage capacity they use). Also, merely shut down unneeded applications by highlighting the individual program and then clicking End Task.

And of course we have only touched on a few of the reasons for a computer running slow but doing this will certainly help your PC perform quicker than before.