Why is tik tok so popular

Why is tik tok so popular?

Tiktok is gaining more and more popularity now, and this is not surprising.  This social network is not only for being creative and making cool videos, it is also a great platform for making money.

How to build an audience on TikTok?

Tik Tok is a modern, innovative platform for music and video lovers.  Even a beginner can shoot his own video, and the ability to upload a clip for general evaluation inspires users.  In order to get the opportunity to make money in the application, you need to wind up a lot of subscribers, attract them with interesting content.  To promote your account, you just need to come up with and shoot a video, upload it and get free tiktok followers.  Then you just have to wait until it gets the maximum number of views and becomes popular.

The biggest attraction of TikTok is the ability to post about anything.  Humor, hobbies, fitness, travel, music, photography, dancing;  each category is open and gets a lot of attention.  Each area offers exposure for those who can adapt their content to the short video model.

While entertainment seems to be the main benefit nowadays, there has been an increase in educational, inspirational and business-oriented content.

TikTok allows each account to share their Instagram and Youtube links on their profile, making it easy to get cross-followers.

The main goal of brands on TikTok is to engage and attract new audiences.  While traditional brands do this well, it is unclear if smaller businesses will be able to attract similar followers on the platform.

For anyone with a business or personal brand that produces video content, it is worth joining TikTok and experimenting.  As the app’s reach expands, its ability to advertise and promote is likely to become an important part of the ecosystem.

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